About us

Just when you thought that it was never possible to install a curtain bracket without drilling nails and holes in the wall, the impossible has been made possible. Thanks to the new BuffBrac easy hang DIY (Do It Yourself) curtain bracket.

BuffBrac Curtain Bracket was built by a US military veteran who saw the necessicity and possibility of building a no nail, no drill curtain bracket. BuffBrac Curtain Bracket is carefully crafted and designed for durability, elasticity, flexibility, and toughness.

It is made from the finest quality materials and its sustainability has been tested over the years on various surfaces and with varying weights. You can be rest assured that it will stand the test of time.

our mission

Putting up curtains in your home should not come at the cost of wreaking havoc on your walls, gathering several tools and equipment, or even hiring a handyman.

Our goal is to save BuffBrac users the time and cost of repairs for wall damages usually caused by traditional curtain bracket, by promoting an uncomplicated, stress-free, easy to hang DIY curtain bracket.

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